Lundi, 30 Novembre 2020


PERFiLiENCE®: Enhancing Prevention through a Systemic Approach

The impact of a company’s culture is crucial for situations such as :

Individual and collective behaviors are critical factors in these areas.

PERFiLiENCE® proposes to support management teams and managers in order to enhance the culture of the organization. Company culture is what can be observed in the field. Recognition and positive feed-back are the main levers of its evolution.

The proposed solution includes the description by the stakeholders of the current company culture, the desirable culture for tomorrow and the way to reach it. Each project is based on tangible elements with a calendar and resource allocation validated by all the stakeholders.

The method covers:

  • Standard working procedures and management of the unexpected.
  • Engineering of the performance and resilience of the organization. (Opportunities and threats - Good ways of working – The Art of observation - Learning organization - Project management).

Coaching, based on a systemic approach, is deployed to satisfy the requests of management for support during paradigm changes (a new model of thinking).

The PERFiLiENCE® offer matches the expectations of each client through customized proposals.          Tel.: +33 (0)6 0724 9724